Camas Ridge PTO Winter Farmraiser

Eugene, Oregon

$502.00 from 16 Supporters

Goal $1,000.00


50% of goal met

Support Camas Ridge and Sustainable Local Food!

Supplied by our most awesome local partners, Hummingbird Wholesale

Camas Ridge PTO Winter Farmraiser's Market

Small wildflower honey bear $6.25

12oz Wildflower Honey Bear

Enjoy this sweet wildflower honey sourced from local Oregon bees!

Small blackberry honey $6.25

12oz Blackberry Honey Bear

Honey made from the nectar of the blackberry blossom is light in color and has a unique, uplifting, fruity taste. Blackberry plants thrive in the wet conditions of the Pacific Northwest, and their delicate white blossoms provide an abundant source of nourishment for the honeybee in late spring. Blackberry honey adds an excellent flavor to tea, does not overpower baked goods when used as a sweetener, and is an excellent choice for all-purpose use.

Small cocoa dusted almonds $11.00

8oz Bag of Cocoa Dusted Almonds

Hummingbird Exclusive-- made in small batches just for us, right here in Oregon. Made with Fair Trade, Organic, Dark Chocolate that does not contain soy lecithin nor dairy ingredients! We use California-Grown, Organic Almonds

Small buckys raw haze $8.50

8oz Bucky's Raw Hazelnut Crunch

Local granola made with Organic Gold Flax Seeds, Organic USA-grown Millet, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic USA-grown Buckwheat Groats, Organic Oregon-grown Hazelnuts, Oregon Blackberry Honey, and Organic Cinnamon

Small paleo blend $10.00

8oz Golden Sunrise Paleo Blend Trail Mix

Superfood goldenberries, pumpkin seeds and goji berries provide a boost of important vitamins and minerals to your daily breakfasts and yogurts, while almonds, cashews, and pecans add a delectable crunch!