LEAF Spring 2018 School Garden Fundraiser

Townshend, Vermont

$238.00 from 4 Supporters

Goal $500.00


48% of goal met

We are hoping to raise money to continue our school's commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Funds raised will be used to aid thecontinuing use of silverware in the cafeteria and the expansion and improvement of our school garden.

Supplied by our most awesome local partners, High Mowing Organic Seeds

LEAF Spring 2018 School Garden Fundraiser's Market

Small laxton s progress shell pea $3.00

Laxton's Progress #9 Shell Pea

OP - Short vines & plump pods filled w/ high quality peas. Small 15-20" plants produce heavy yields of large pods w/up to nine peas per pod (hence the name). An improvement over the original Laxton's Progress with a high resistance to wilt. Compact plants. 4-5" pods. 60 days to maturity (Pisum sativum)

Small abundant $3.00

Abundant Bloomsdale Spinach

OP. Glossy dark green leaves w/most savoyed texture we've seen! Thick, sweet leaves w/rounded shape & juicy, succulent texture. Slow growing w/very large, upright leaves. Spring/fall crop. Ideal for full sized leaves. 45 days to maturity (Spinacia oleracea) Started at the Abundant Life Seed Foundation in 2002; breeding finished by a team of organic farmers with support from Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) and released under the Open Source Seed Initiative. A portion of sales from this variety supports OSA's breeding program.

Small dark green zucchini $3.00

Dark Green Zucchini

OP. Vigorous variety produces good yields of straight, smooth fruits. An open-pollinated variety best suited to the home garden, with abundant yields of lightly mottled dark green fruits. Pale greenish-white, firm flesh. Bush habit. Harvest at 6-8". 50 days to maturity (Cucurbita pepo)

Small matt s wild cherry tomato $3.00

Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato

OP. Copious quantities of small, deep red cherries w/great flavor. Keeps producing prolifically when every other tomato in the field is down w/early blight. Pick often; skin is thin, cracks easily. Trellis or let sprawl & naturalize. Shows moderate tolerance to late blight. Indeterminate. 55 days to maturity (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Small cherokee $3.00

Cherokee Purple Tomato

Heirloom. Large beefsteak fruits w/mauve-purple skin, green shoulders & red flesh. Most popular of "black" tomatoes. Widely grown by gardeners & market growers; popular heirloom for greenhouse. Traced back over 100 years to Cherokee tribe. Indeterminate. Field or greenhouse. 12-16 oz fruit. 72 days to maturity (Solanum Lycopersicum)

Small santo cilantro $3.00

Santo Cilantro

OP. Very bolt-resistant variety with good flavor and excellent upright habit for easy harvesting. Fast-growing variety great for cut-and-come-again. 55 days to leaf, 95 to seed (Coriander sativum)

Small mammoth sunflower $3.00

Mammoth Sunflower

OP. The giant of all sunflowers with tall, thick stalks supporting huge heads that tower over the garden. This single-stemmed variety is a very fast and vigorous grower, perfect for creating living walls or fences, sunflower houses, kids' gardens and more. Also a great variety for edible seeds or feeding the birds. 12' tall. 110 days to maturity (Helianthus annuus)

Small sensation $3.00

Sensation Blend Cosmos

OP. Showy white, pink, magenta & lavender blooms. Single flowers 3-4" wide. Lovely in summer borders, containers or bouquets. Tall stems great for cutting. 1936 AAS winner and consistent favorite. Require little fertility or care - great for beginning gardeners. Attracts bees. 3-4' tall. Annual. 85 days to maturity (C. sulphureus) PLEASE NOTE: This item is OUT OF STOCK for the remainder of the 2018 season and is being substituted with Pacific Beauty Calendula.

Small detroit dark red beet $3.00

Detroit Dark Red Beet

Heirloom. Top notch heirloom variety, well-known for high-quality roots. Tops are strong. A standard type for the home garden. Uniform, 3" round roots store well and are excellent for fresh eating or canning. 55 days to maturity (Beta vulgaris)

Small national pickling cucumber $3.00

National Pickling Cucumber

OP. Short, thick cukes w/ blunt ends. Perfect for pickles & delicious in salads. Fruits have striped, medium green skin & a slightly tapered shape to fit in a pickle jar. A heavy producer with black spines. Developed by the National Pickle Packers Association. 5" fruit. 52 days to maturity (Cucumis sativus)

Small lacinato kale $3.00

Lacinato Kale

Heirloom. One of our most tender kale varieties. Leaves are very dark blue-green and heavily savoyed, sweetening w/each frost. Also known as Dinosaur or Tuscan kale. Our improved strain is exceptionally large, vigorous & cold-tolerant. 30-40" tall. 52 days to maturity (Brassica oleracea)

Small red salad bowl lettuce $3.00

Red Salad Bowl Lettuce

OP. The darkest red oakleaf we offer. A popular ingredient in salad mixes but also suitable for heads. Versatile for all-season use, with best color in cooler weather. Displayed field tolerance to fall mildews in our trials. Best for fall crops. Slow to bolt. 28 days to baby leaf, 55 days to full size (Lactuca sativa)

Small golden acre $3.00

Golden Acre Cabbage

OP. Early green heads & compact plants; great for small families! Impressed in 2015 trials w/small stature & high % of beautiful heads. Round & solid. Delicate, crunchy texture. Sweet & spicy w/buttery undertone when cooked. Few outer wrapper leaves; short harvest window. 3-4 lb heads. 62 days to maturity (Brassica oleracea)

Small cherry belle radish $3.00

Cherry Belle Radish

OP. Classic, smooth red bunching radish with attractive crispy white flesh. Uniform roots are much less subject to pithiness than other radishes. Easy and fast to grow, with strong, widely adaptable tops. An All American Selections winner. Uniform .75-1" roots. 25 days to maturity (Raphanus sativus)

Small cascadia snap pea $3.00

Cascadia Snap Pea

OP. A must-have main season variety with heavy yields of juicy, thick-walled pods. Bucketloads of plump pods with tiny, distinctively delicious peas on 3' tall vines. Multiple disease resistances allow for spring and late season plantings. Spring or fall crop. 3" pods. 60 days to maturity. Pisum sativum.

Small delicata squash $3.00

Delicata Squash

OP. Superbly sweet, tender flesh unique to Delicata. The only winter squash that can be eaten with skin on, after baking or boiling. Our strain has been selected since 2001 for uniformity of size, shape and color as well as yield of sweet, soft-shelled fruit. 1-1.5 lbs. size fruit. 95 days to maturity (Cucurbita pepo)

Small evening colors $3.00

Evening Colors Sunflower

OP. Gold & pale yellow flowers w/ dusty rose to pink rings. Unusual genetic mix w/few solid colors & chocolate brown centers. Well-branched; stems average 18" long w/single heads. Great cut flower for bouquets & provides a long season of color! Attracts bees, butterflies. 8' tall. Annual. 85 days to maturity (Helianthus annuus)

Small 5110 $3.00

Italian Parsley

OP. Classic flat leaf variety for use either fresh or dried for seasoning. Stems hold leaves upright for easy bunching. A very nutritious and tasty addition to meat and vegetable dishes, soups and salads. Excellent for freezing, drying and fresh eating. 70 days to maturity (Petroselinum crispum)

Small bouquet $3.00

Bouquet Dill

OP. Most widely-grown dill for eating, flowers & seed heads. Versatile, early-maturing variety for fresh leaves, seedheads & cut flowers. Produces seed heads well ahead of others, just in time for summer pickles. Flowering umbels average 6" wide. Great for pickling! 30" tall. 45-55 days leaf. 95 days seed. Anthenum Graveolens PLEASE NOTE: This item is being substituted with Greensleeves Dill. Greensleeves is a great OP container variety that is slow to bolt. Ideal for leaf production over a long harvest window.

Small sugar baby $3.00

Sugar Baby Watermelon

OP. Great short season variety w/reliable yields of sweet juicy melons. The standard for small watermelons! Perfectly rounded fruits (7-8.5" in diameter) w/ solid green rind, deep red flesh. Strain has been selected for cool growing conditions & high yields. Drought tolerant. 6-12 lbs. 75 days to maturity (Citrullus lanatus)

Small waltham $3.00

Waltham Butternut Winter Squash

OP. Most widely grown OP butternut w/delicious, finely textured dark orange flesh. Uniform fruits w/smooth, tan skin easily peeled with a potato peeler. Excellent keeper if cured properly, stores well. Vining. Uniform 4-5lb fruits. 105 days to maturity (Cucurbita moschata)

Small success $3.00

Success PM Straightneck Yellow Squash

OP. Smooth, uniform, attractive fruit, high yielding in trials w/over 3 months of abundant, disease-free harvest. Released by High Mowing & Cornell's Vegetable Breeding Institute. Uniform shape. Harvest at 6-7". 50 days to maturity (Cucurbita pepo)

Small gold rush $3.00

Gold Rush Bush Bean

OP. Early variety, concentrated harvest perfect for preserving. Lemon-yellow pods w/green tips are round, straight and tender. Fine flavor, crisp texture ideal for pickling or lacto-fermenting. Pods hang in clusters around main stem--easy to pick. White seeds. Concentrated harvest. Holds well. 4-5" pods. 55 days to maturity (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Small kentucky wonder $3.00

Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean

Heirloom. Unbeatable productivity, consistency & flavor - has proven its excellence over many generations. Pods are stringless, solid & meaty w/great flavor. Use fresh for snap beans or dry on vines for great soup bean. Brown seeds. 7-9" pods. 65 days to maturity. (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Small natural body scrub150ml   5.07oz  2 $20.00

$20.00 Donation

Donate more at checkout if you wish! Ninety percent goes to the cause!

Small de cicco broccoli $3.00

De Cicco Broccoli

Heirloom. Italian variety, tender stalks & mild flavor. Reliable multi-cut variety. Produces compact, 3-4" blue-green central head followed by prolific set of side shoots. Variable maturity results in long harvest period for both central heads & side shoots. Good home garden variety. 48 days to maturity (Brassica italica)

Small container garden gift box $30.25

Container Garden Gift Box

Do not let lack of space limit your garden size! Includes 10 packets: Nasturtium Mix, Basil, Cilantro, Cherry Tomato, Pepper, Snap Pea, Mesclun Mix, Kale, Cucumber, and Carrot. This assortment will thrive in containers on any sunny porch, patio, window box, or rooftop! Comes in a craft box with fun facts and growing information. A great gift idea.

Small easy salad greens gift box $9.25

Salad Greens Gift Box

Enjoy growing your own salad with 3 packets of Lettuce Mix, Arugula, and Spinach. Perfect for container gardening or can be sown directly into your garden beds. Comes in a sturdy, recyclable craft box with a tip sheet that includes fun facts and growing information specific to the varieties in this collection.

Small garden starter seed gift box $30.25

Garden Starter Gift Box

You will be on your way to a bountiful harvest in no time with these easy to succeed varieties! Includes 10 packets: Bush Bean, Beet, Carrot, Cucumber, Mild Mustard Mix, Lettuce Mix, Snap Pea, Radish, Basil, and Calendula. Can be sown directly into garden beds or pots. Comes in a craft box that includes fun facts and growing.

Small heirloom lover s seed gift box $30.25

Heirloom Veggie Gift Box

Plant a bit of history! Includes 10 packets: Beet, Radish, Kale, Shell Peas, Summer Squash, Lettuce, Carrot, Cucumber, Chard, and Tomato. Heirlooms varieties have been preserved and passed on by gardeners and seed savers over the years. They are prized for their unique colors, shapes, and flavors. Comes in a sturdy craft box with fun facts and growing information.

Small kid s garden gift box $15.25

Kid's Garden Gift Box

Kids love this assortment of fun and unique vegetables! Includes Sunflower, Pumpkin, Carrot, Pole Bean, and Nasturtium packets. Ever seen a purple carrot? Can you guess the future height of a giant sunflower? The collection comes in a sturdy craft box with fun facts and growing information. High Mowing kid-approved!

Small kitchen herbs seed gift box $15.25

Kitchen Herbs Gift Box

A fragrant assortment that is perfect for any gardener or cook who loves the flavor that only fresh herbs can add to a dish. This easy-to-grow herb collection includes 5 packets: Dill, Parsley, Basil, Cilantro, and Thyme. Comes in a sturdy craft box with fun facts and growing information.

Small summer of sunflowers gift box $9.25

Summer of Sunflowers Gift Box

Includes 3 varieties of sunflowers, each with its own personality. Pick a sunny spot, plant your seeds, and enjoy the diversity of height, colors, and bloom time. The collection comes in a sturdy, recyclable craft box with a tip sheet that includes fun facts and growing information specific to the varieties in this collection.

Small three sisters gift box $9.25

Three Sisters Gift Box

Traditional crop grouping used by Native Americans throughout North America. Includes 3 packets: Sweet Corn, Pole Bean, and Winter Squash. The Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash) complement each other in their growing habits and in their nutritional content. Comes in craft box with fun facts and growing info.

Small winter garden gift box $15.25

Winter Garden Gift Box

These cold-hardy varieties are planted in the fall for harvest throughout the winter in mild climates, or overwintered for spring growth in colder regions. Includes 5 packets: Lettuce Mix, Arugula, Kale, Spinach, and Radish. The collection comes in a sturdy, recyclable craft box with a tip sheet that includes fun facts and growing information specific to the varieties in this collection.

Small astro arugula $3.00

Astro Arugula

OP. Commercial standard w/long green leaves & characteristic mildly spicy flavor. Germinates quickly, tolerates cold & hot well. Our strain has mix of "cut" and "strap" leaf shapes when grown as baby leaf. Performs well as cut-and-come-again crop. 21 days to baby leaf, 40 days to full size (Eruca vesicaria var sativa)

Small touchstone $3.00

Touchstone Gold Beet

OP. Improved gold beet with mild flavor and vibrant color retained in cooking. Better germination and uniformity than standard golden types, and less zoning. Attractive solid green tops quickly shade out weeds. Germinates best in warmer soil. 3" roots. 55 days to maturity (Beta vulgaris)

Small a bee s garden gift box $15.25

Bee's Garden Gift Box

Let High Mowing Seeds help you save the bees! Includes 5 packets: Dill, Sage, Fennel, Cosmos, and Calendula. Bees and other beneficial insects love gathering nectar from the flowers of these plants, and you will love the attractive assortment of colors and foliage. Attracts beneficial insects help keep the 'bad' bugs away, maintaining a balanced eco-system in your garden without the use of chemicals. The collection comes in a recyclable craft box with a tip sheet that includes fun facts and growing information. PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately out of stock for the remaining 2018 season.

Small who gets kissed $3.00

Who Gets Kissed? Sweet Corn

OP. High Mowing exclusive! Excellent flavor, tender texture; good cool soil emergence. Compact 5-6' tall plants, ears 2' off ground; 14-16 rows of kernels. Good tip fill & husk coverage. Ears have extended harvest window. Intermediate rust & smut resistance. Bi-color. Sugary enhanced. 7-8" ears. 78-84 days to maturity (Zea mays). Developed by Dr. Bill Tracy, Jared Zystro, Dr. Adrienne Shelton and Dr. John Navazio in collaboration with the Organic Seed Alliance and farmer Martin Diffley. Introduced in 2015 to huge success.

Small improved rainbow mix chard $3.00

Improved Rainbow Chard

OP. Striking improved blend of red, pink, white, yellow and gold stemmed chard. Upright habit makes for clean production and easy harvesting. Color intensity starts light and grows in intensity! Narrow to broad stems. 60 days to full size (Beta vulgaris)

Small marketmore 76 cucumber $3.00

Marketmore 76 Cucumber

OP. Most widely-planted OP slicer in US! Dark green fruits stay green & mild-tasting even under heat stress. Disease resistances keep plants vigorous & highly productive across long picking season. 8-9" fruit. 65 days to maturity (Cucumis sativus)

Small red russian kale $3.00

Red Russian Kale

Heirloom. Bright purple stems. Slate green, deeply lobed foliage. Leaves tender, smooth & very sweet compared to other kales. Very cold-tolerant. Improves in flavor w/cold. Popular in baby leaf salad mixes or as full bunches. Very smooth baby leaves. 24-36" tall. 21 days for baby leaf, 50 days to full size (Brassica napus)

Small green towers $3.00

Green Towers Romaine Lettuce

OP. The industry standard for high quality, full-bodied heads. Dependable tall, dark green plants that offer consistent quality. Widely adapted and tolerant of corky root. 10-12 inches tall. 60 days to full size. (Lactuca sativa)

Small gourmet lettuce blend $3.00

Gourmet Lettuce Blend

OP. A unique HMOS creation you won't find anywhere else. This tasty and attractive mix features a wide variety of lettuces including romaine, lollo, green leaf, red leaf and more. A signature blend with unique shapes and colors that chefs and gourmands will love. Lettuces in every shape and color. 28 days to maturity.

Small mesclun mix $3.00

Mesclun Mix

OP. Our best-selling item for the home garden! Our own blend of lettuce and mustard greens. Diversity of mix will give you great medley of flavor & color. Mustards grow quickly, shading soil for lettuces, creating bountiful mix of greens that will cut-and-come-again. 28 days to maturity.

Small napoli $3.00

Napoli Carrot

Hybrid. An early, versatile carrot for all seasons. Great flavor and color as an early spring or baby carrot, but will continue to grow to full size for fresh eating or storage. Great for high tunnels and one of Eliot Coleman's top choices for overwintering! Long storage. 5-7" Nantes-type. 55 days to maturity (Daucus carota)

Small king of the north $3.00

King of the North

OP. Sweet pepper. Reliable set of green to glossy red fruits in short seasons. Improved for higher percentage of blocky, thick-walled, early ripening peppers each w/3-4 lobes. Known for ability to produce good sized peppers in short, cool seasons. Strong plants, heavy yields. Upright habit. 3-4" fruits. 57 days to maturity (Capsicum annuum)

Small early jalapeno $3.00

Early Jalapeno Pepper

OP. Prolific yields! Distinctive jalapeño flavor. Small, moderately spicy fruits w/thick walls are traditionally harvested dark green but can ripen to red. Eaten fresh or pickled with Mexican dishes! Compact plants are sturdy, work well in containers. SHU 5,000. 3-3.5" fruits. 65 days to maturity (Capsicum annuum)

Small new york early $3.00

New York Early Onion

OP. An early & dependable yellow onion selected to store until spring! Medium-sized round bulbs w/attractive warm brown skin & white flesh mild enough to eat raw. Milder, more tender than most yellow onions but equally reliable in storage. Long to intermediate day. Stores well. 3-4" bulbs. 98 days to maturity (Allium cepa)