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Samantha E.

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Samantha's Market

Small little diablo spice lovers  trio $20.00

Little Diablo Spice-Lovers' Trio

A spicy selection of Little Diablo salsas! Includes 1 jar of medium salsa, 1 jar of medium chipotle salsa, and 1 jar of hot salsa. No chemicals, preservatives, or added sugars, and all gluten free. Perfect for the spice-lover in your life!

Small little diablo mild salsa trio $20.00

Little Diablo Mild Salsa Trio

Zesty flavor that will delight your taste buds without engulfing them in flames! Includes 1 jar mild artichoke salsa, 1 jar mild garlic salsa, and 1 jar of the party favorite: regular mild salsa. Made in Brighton with no chemicals, no preservatives, no added sugar, and is gluten free.

Small natural body scrub150ml   5.07oz  2 $20.00

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