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Wine Country Wildflower Honey

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Wine Country Wildflower Honey

by Sola Bee Farms

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Luscious and thick, this 12oz jar of wildflower honey is often the sweetest honey Sola Bee produces. It is made from many different types of flowers, so its flavor ranges from season to season. Wine Country Wildflower is always extra sweet and scrumptious, making its allergy reducing qualities a treat as well as a necessity.

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About Sola Bee Farms

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Our unique honey varietals are harvested during different seasons from their respective locations. This ensures our floral varietals are true to their unique nectar sources and locally sourced. We carefully and sustainably extract each honey varietal in small batches, only taking the excess honey from each hive. We are strong believers in healthy beekeeping practices, and honeybee health is our top priority. Our sustainably harvested honey is then packaged with recycled materials including post-consumer paper, recycled glass and soy ink labels.

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