Allen Market Place

The Allen Market Place is Mid-Michigan’s premier food hub: housing the Exchange, our online wholesale market for local foods, a licensed incubator kitchen, rental space for events or meetings, and a year round farmers market! Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between our community, our farmers, and food producers. We provide full transparency and traceability, sharing the stories of our farms and processors. We offer farmers and food processors additional markets for their products, fair pricing and a wide range of educational opportunities including ongoing technical assistance, marketing, and business development. The Allen Market Place is an enterprise of the Allen Neighborhood Center, a non-profit organization working to strengthen mid-Michigan’s local food system since 1999.

Our Best Selling Items

Display watermelon sea salt simple syrup

Watermelon Sea Salt Simple Syrup

16.9 oz (500ml) Inspired by the gastronomic approach to fresh watermelon, we take a pureed melon and add an element of salt. Our own Mint Sea Salt Blend, to be exact, creating an exhilarating ride for the palate. The seasonality of our ingredients does mean limited production so get it while you can!

Display acorn squash 2

Acorn Squash

Aprx. 40 Pounds

Display buttercup squash 4

Buttercup Squash

Aprx. 40 Pounds

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