Austin Honey Company

Local organically managed bees pollinating local organic produce and farms within a 30 mile radius of downtown Austin, TX, and showcasing it weekly at 4 area Farmer's Markets! Go to to learn more about us and our food mission! Thank you! Best, Mark & Raul

Our Best Selling Items

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Enjoy our raw honeycomb! Pair it with a fresh cheese platter, charcuterie board, or for that dinner party spread! Completely edible and delicious! Does NOT require refrigeration. Enjoy the purest form of honey!

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1 lb honey jar

enjoy this 1 lb. jar of our raw wildflower honey!

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8 oz creamed honey

Enjoy our honey that has been whipped and chilled--we call it creamed honey because it is like making butter but the only ingredient is honey! Will stay soft and spreadable at room temperature, no need to refrigerate!

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