BareItAll Petfoods

BareItAll Petfoods is an eco-friendly pet food company on a mission. We want to provide your furry friends with the tastiest, most nutritious treats possible while also helping the environment at the same time! We utilize invasive species as sources of healthy nutrition in our products while being totally honest and transparent about our ingredient sourcing and what benefit each ingredient provides your pet.

Our Best Selling Items

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goBARE River Bites

Carp for cats! Our award-winning products are now available for your feline friends. This protein packed treat is simply made of 1 ingrediently, Asian Carp. Ground up and formed into bite sized cubes, these treats are sure to delight even the most picky cats out there. Protein and Omega 3's galore! I dare you to find a more nutritious treat (that doesn't come from BareItAll!) Ingredients: Wild-Caught Asian Carp

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goBARE River Bites w/ Blueberry

Just like our goBARE River Bites but with the anti-oxidant power of blueberries! No additives or fillers here - just protein packed asian carp and blueberries. Look at all those blueberries! Your cat will think its swimming in fish-filled blueberry heaven. Ingredients: Wild-Caught Asian Carp and Blueberries 1 oz package - ~30 treats

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goBARE Fillet Bits

Holy cow these treats are awesome! Ask anyone what the best part of a fish is and they will undoubtedly say the fillet. Well we only want the best for your feline friends so that is what we delivered. Asian Carp fillets freeze dried and shredded into perfect size bits for your furry friend. Guaranteed to turn your grumpy cat into a happy cat. Ingredients: Wild-Caught Asian Carp fillet. 1 oz package size = ~30 treats

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