Beyond merely a business, chocolate is our passion! We aim to bring healthy, delicious, unique, handcrafted chocolate to all those who appreciate good quality artisanry. Each bar flavor is delicately balanced and lovingly crafted.

Our Best Selling Items

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El Puro Chocolate Bar

The International Chocolate Award winning 73% cacao bar that is our representation of the pure essence of chocolate. A deep, smooth and velvety taste and texture makes this bar a chocolate lovers' chocolate, an embodiment of its heart and soul.

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Maya Dark Chocolate Chili Bar

Over 2,000 years ago the Mayans recorded mixing chocolate with chili, and with one taste you'll understand why. Our Maya bar pays tribute to the tradition. A proprietary blend of four chili peppers make this smooth tasting 73% cacao dark chocolate mix like no other. The combination masks the onset until the spice slowy starts to dissipate, resulting in a sparkling finish.

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Happy Medium Chocolate Bar

A proprietary process makes this chocolate exceptional. An International Chocolate Awards winner, the light, rich and creamy flavors are balanced by their deep and flavorful 54% cacao counterpart to form an instantly classic taste.

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