Dancing Bee Apiary

Dancing Bee Apiary is located in Eatonville, Washington, just about an hour out of the city of Seattle. Their bee’s graze on a wide variety of flowering and fruit producing trees including raspberry and blackberry bushes, lavender blossoms and squash blossoms! They use all natural and organic methods, never using insecticides, pesticides or herbicides of any kind! They offer a variety of organic skin care products including soaps and salves, as well as pure beeswax and, of course, honey!

Our Best Selling Items

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12 ounce Very Berry Blast Raw Unfiltered Honey

Melting glaciers on Mt. Rainier send runoff to feed the Puyallup River, which over the centuries has laid down a layer of silt that became some of the most fertile nutrient abundant soil in the world!!! Our Puyallup Valley Very Berry Blast honey is an amazingly light honey with a citrusy after taste! The bees had the opportunity to forage upon Apple trees, cherry trees, blueberry blossoms, and raspberry and blackberry canes!!! It's a truly fragrant and uplifting gift the bees have created from the fruits of our labor!!! It’s light complex flavor profile makes it more of a delicacy than any old honey you’d throw in your favorite baked goodie recipe! Enjoy with cheese and walnuts, on a glorious slice of toast, or by the spoonful!!! It truly is an amazing treat! This listing is for 12 ounces of this special honey and is served up in a glass jar.

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1lb of Local Raw Honey Made By Local Dancing Bees

Our organically raised dancing honey bees are free to roam our acres of wildflowers, fruit trees, seasonal veggie plants, and various types of berries all without the risk of running into nasty pesticides, chemicals or other unnatural wierdness! Our honey is unfiltered but run through a colander to remove large pieces of wax, hunks of propolis, and the occasional bee part leaving you with wonderful pollen filled enzyme rich raw honey! The color of honey varies from season to season and hive to hive so the honey received in your order may be lighter or darker than the honey pictured :0)

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4oz Raw Sun-Dried Wildflower Bee Pollen!!!

Bee Pollen or Bee Bread is a perfectly formed wad of pollen that has been packed by foraging honeybees into balls with added honey or nectar. The worker bees then take those fabulous little wads and stuffs them into empty cells with their fuzzy little noggins for later use. During the stuffing, the pollen is mixed with nectar, enzymes, fungi, and bacterial organisms. Bee Pollen is the main source of protein for the entire hive, and with good reason, bee pollen is made up 35-50% protein depending on the floral types collected! This stuff is truly amazing! As with any natural product, please allow for color and texture variances :0) You may get some pollen with lots of blue or lots of yellow and gold...you may even get some with lavender pearlescent granules!!! It really just depends on the time of the season the pollen was gathered!

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