The Dough Chicks love food and love to share it! Their mission is to provide tasty nutrient-dense and convenient food for busy and active people! Their food will sustain your blood-sugar level while giving you the fuel needed to get through the day with natural and delicious ingredients.

Our Best Selling Items

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Two Mittens Pancake & Waffle Mix

A tasty and unique mix containing ancient grains such as Teff flour, ground golden flaxseeds, Chia seeds and other gluten-free ingredients, which add a nutritious twist of fuel any time of day. Just add your choice of liquid, oil and egg and enjoy the most satisfying meal ever!

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KaraComet (Energy Cookie/Bar)

1.5 ounce fudge-like cookies with dried fruit, nuts, gluten-free oats, organic dark chocolate sweetened with Michigan honey and maple syrup

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Chia Crunch Granola

One 1 pound bag of Chia Crunch Granola

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