Dress It Up Dressing

A salad dressing can be as healthy as a salad. That's why we make our dressings without sugar, gluten, soy, Canola or gums. They are carefully crafted in small batches, vegan and delicious. Our mission is to ensure that every salad is perfectly dressed!

Our Best Selling Items

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Dress It Up Dressing: Mixed Crate

The Mixed Crate features one of each of our 9 oz jars of salad dressing in an attractive wooden gift crate. Perfect as a housewarming gift, or something special for your favorite foodie.

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Dress It Up Dressing - Champagne Vinaigrette

The Champagne Vinaigrette is our best seller. It's a milder and mellower take on a classic vinaigrette dressing, well suited for young and tender leaf greens, coating them with flavor, without overpowering their natural goodness. It’s also one of the most versatile for cooking: use it to baste a chicken breast, or when grilling a salmon fillet to effortlessly create a gourmet dish.

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Dress It Up Dressing - Blackberry Vinaigrette

The scrumptious Blackberry dressing is sometimes sweet, sometimes rich and savory. With a depth that is hard to identify, the Blackberry belies its four simple ingredients. Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Blackberry Balsamic vinegar, garlic and sea salt, it is the sweetest of our dressings and works as well as a spread or a dip as it does as a traditional dressing.

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