Farm Fresh Fundraising

"Tired of selling candy bars, cookie dough, popcorn and gift wrap for your fundraisers? Things that are unhealthy for our kids and things that you don't really need? This is an easy, tasty and healthy way to make money. We provide fresh fruit fundraisers for schools, clubs, sports teams, churches and youth groups, choirs and marching bands and any other organization that needs fundraising help. Why not fundraise with a healthy product that you would normally buy at your local grocery store anyway? No upfront cost to you. We cut the middle man out! We put that profit in your pocket, not the middle man's pocket! We are helping groups reach their goals with a HEALTHIER option in fundraising! Fundraise with fresh and delicious, Sunny California Fruit!"

Our Best Selling Items

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California navel orange

20 pound box that holds 40-44 oranges in it.

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California/Texas red grapefruit

20 pound box that holds 20-24 grapefruit in it.

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California Clementine

20 pound box that holds about 80 little clementines in it.

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