Kaleamazoo Chips / Fresh Food Fairy

The Fresh Food Fairy thinks that fresh food is the best! And we think The Fresh Food Fairy is pretty great, too! Not only does she make small batches of kale chips, using locally grown kale and organic ingredients whenever possible, but she also offers nutrition programs for students in Kalamazoo schools to help them make positive associations with fresh food. Her kale chips, also known as “Kaleamazoo Chips”, come in two unique and delicious flavors including “Lemony Kick-It” and “Lime Coconut”!

Our Best Selling Items

Display lime coconut kale chips

Lime Coconut Kale Chips

One 1.5oz container Lime Coconut Kaleamazoo Chips from Fresh Food Fairy

Display lemony kick it kale chips

Lemony Kick-It Kale Chips

One 1.5 ounce container of Lemony Kick-it Kaleamazoo Chips (dehydrated kale chips) from the Fresh Food Fairy

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