Goodnow Farms Chocolate

Our goal is to make incredibly flavorful chocolate while sourcing our beans in the most ethical and sustainable manner. We personally visit cacao farms throughout Central and South America to find the best, most flavorful beans and trade directly with the farmers who grow them. At our farm in Sudbury, Massachusetts we make our chocolate by hand, from roasting the beans to hand wrapping each bar. We even press our own cocoa butter, which makes our chocolate incredibly smooth and creamy. Our chocolate has won national awards, and we're the only chocolate maker in New England to win a 2018 Good Food Award!

Our Best Selling Items

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El Carmen 77% Dark Chocolate Bar

El Carmen is grown on small family farms in central Nicaragua. Working closely with our local partner, we’ve developed a custom fermentation and drying technique that perfectly highlights the unique dark fruit, raisin and fig flavors of this cacao.

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Esmeraldas 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

WINNER, 2018 GOOD FOOD AWARDS, BEST CHOCOLATE. We make this incredibly flavorful bar with beans from the Salazar family farm in the Esmeraldas region of Ecuador. The Salazars have over one hundred acres of carefully cultivated Nacional hybrid cacao trees. The volume of beans they harvest allows them to ferment and dry the beans themselves, in their own recently built and incredibly well designed facility. The level of control they have over the cacao varietals they plant, as well as their post harvest processing, results in beans of exceptional quality and flavor. This is a well balanced bar with very low acidity, intense berry jam flavors and a long finish.

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Asochivite 77% Dark Chocolate Bar

SILVER MEDAL WINNER, NORTHWEST CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL, BEST DARK CHOCOLATE. The Q’eqchi Maya farmers of Chivite, Guatemala harvest cacao from the wild trees surrounding their village. When we fist visited the village we loved their cacao, but their fermentation and drying facility badly needed updating. Working with the farmers and with Cacao Verapaz, we funded the materials necessary for village to build a brand new fermentation and drying area. They’re now able to provide incredibly high quality cacao on a consistent basis. We love this bean! This bar has a delightfully bright fruit flavor, with light acidity and a pleasantly tannic finish.

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