High Mowing Organic Seeds

At High Mowing Organic Seeds, we believe in re-imagining what our world can be like. We believe in a deeper understanding of how re-built food systems can support health on all levels – healthy environments, healthy economies, healthy communities and healthy bodies.

Our Best Selling Items

Display negovia

DO NOT SELL Negovia Carrot

Hybrid - A standout in our summer carrot trials for both sweetness and texture. Smooth, cylindrical roots with impressive flavor and strong tops, plus great storage qualities! 7-8" Nantes-type. 80 days to maturity (Daucus carota)

Display provider bush bean

DO NOT SELL Provider Bush Bean

OP. Standard fresh market variety for green beans. Comes through every year w/ early heavy yields of attractive, uniform beans. Plants are vigorous & productive w/ strong root systems, even under adverse conditions. Good resistance to mildew, virus. Purple seeds. 5-6" uniform pods. 50 days to maturity (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Display scarlet nantes carrot

DO NOT SELL Scarlet Nantes Carrot

OP - A classic with fine texture and old-time carrot flavor. Bright red-orange flesh with fine grain and almost no core. Very cylindrical roots with blunt tips and smaller tops for bunching or storage. Not as refined as modern hybrids but a great choice for the garden. 6-8" Nantes-type. 65 days to maturity (Daucus carota)

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