Kate's Real Food

At Kate’s, we don’t skimp. Our wholesome energy bars are small batch made from organic ingredients. For outdoor play that takes you deep into the backcountry or for grab-and-go sustenance, you can count on Kate’s whole food bars to deliver.

Our Best Selling Items

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Handle Bar

Tart cherries, smooth dark chocolate, and crunchy almonds make the Handle Bar an instant favorite among bar connoisseurs! With 260 calories and only 8 ingredients, this bar is loaded with nothing but delicious, real food energy. This bar is sure to do the job of fueling your next adventure, and with a taste that will keep you coming back for more!

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Tram Bites

The original flavor; liberated into convenient bites! Crunchy, chewy, chocolaty, sweet and salty snack with a new experience in every bite! Packed with real food, Tram Bites are sure to keep your body fueled and your taste buds happy as you pursue your passions! Watch out, they’re addicting!

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Grizzly Bites

The combination of smooth dark chocolate, sweet blossom honey, chewy dried fruit, and creamy peanut butter make Grizzly Bites an adventure worth sharing! Since taste and quality are top priorities, you'll get the amazingly delicious energy you're looking for in a convenient 4 pack of Bites! Welcome to the future!

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