Ketchung! LLC

Korean inspired Ketchung! started with the idea that you should have choices when it comes to ketchup. Why does mustard get to come in a variety of styles? Even pickles come in different flavors! Helen Chung, the mastermind behind Ketchung! has always enjoyed blending flavors, mixing sauces and playing with words. Out of this comes Ketchung! - ketchup, Chung style!

Our Best Selling Items

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Ketchung Signature Sauce

Take one look at the contents in this bottle and you will SEE the spices. Yes, Ketchung! ketchup has a bit of a kick, but it’s also loaded with dimensional flavorful. This is not a hot sauce. This is not your typical sugary ketchup either. Condiment lovers like our signature sauce because it stays true to the tomato while adding something new, something better.

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