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Honey Harvest Farm brings you delicious, nutritious, all-natural American honey. Nothing added or taken away.

Our Best Selling Items

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Creamed Honey

Our Creamed honey is 100% US Clover honey. We carefully mix finely granulated honey with liquid honey to create a flavorful and spreadable honey. All natural; just delicious! For best consistency, store on the counter, or table in moderate temperature.

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Honey Candy - 1lb

Our Delicious All-Natural Honey Candy has a center treat filled with Premium US Grade A Clover Honey that is surrounded by fruit flavored hard candy shell. This Best-Seller helps calm coughs, soothe irritated throats and quickly delivers exactly the right amount of delicious and healthy honey.

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Raw Wildflower Honey - 1/2 pint

All-Natural Premium Honey from Honey Harvest Farm, Maryland.

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