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Onyx Red Queen

Red Queen is our most developed roast. This is a flavor profile we designed to work well with fats. This coffee works extremely well with cream or as an espresso that has a high volume of milk. A very sweet sugar dense coffee that bonds to the fats and creates multiple complex sugar browning notes from Swiss chocolate to cacao depending on amount of milk. Enjoy as drip or espresso. PROCESS: WASHED ELEVATION: 2000 - 2100 METERS CUP: CACAO NIBS, DENSE, MULLED WINE, MOLASSES, ORANGE PEEL COMPONENT 1: COLOMBIA NARÑIO CUSILLO COMPONENT 2: ETHIOPIA HAMBELA BUKU WASHED https://onyxcoffeelab.com/collections/coffee/products/red-queen

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Onyx Ozark Copper

Making a coffee blend is like taking its flavor and putting it under a microscope. The idea in Ozark Copper is that "less is more." We use the innate citric and malic acids of East Africans and blend them with heavy bodied South Americans, creating a deep, dark cherry with an extremely-smooth cocoa cup. PROCESS: WASHED & NATURAL ELEVATION: 1700 - 2200 METERS CUP: COCOA, JUICY CHERRY, ALMONDS, CREAMY BODY COMPONENT 1: COLOMBIA SAN RAFAEL COMPONENT 2: ETHIOPIA HAMBELA BUKU NATURAL https://onyxcoffeelab.com/collections/coffee/products/ozark-copper-espresso

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Onyx Sugar Skull

Creating a blend is like choosing a color palate for a canvas. For us, Sugar Skull embodies the wonderful relationships between a citric acidity balance and wonderful, full bodied chocolates. We serve this every day and find it comfortable, yet surprisingly complex and sophisticated. We brew this with all devices, all day long. PROCESS: WASHED ELEVATION: 1500 - 2100 METERS CUP: MILK CHOCOLATE, CANDIED WALNUTS, ORANGE ZEST COMPONENT 1: COLOMBIA NARÑIO CUSILLO COMPONENT 2: COLOMBIA ESTABAN PILLIMUÉ COMPONENT 3: EL SALVADOR FINCA SANTA ROSA https://onyxcoffeelab.com/collections/coffee/products/sugar-skull

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