Passion House Coffee Roasters

Passion House Coffee Roasters is taking a beverage commonly used to fuel you throughout the day, to now bring about higher awareness and better taste. We believe in paying famers for their hard work and dedication. With each bag you purchase, you are supporting living wages and higher quality products that showcase the nuance of the world's most complex beverage.

Our Best Selling Items

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PH Balance

12 oz bag of PH Balance Blend from premier Chicago roaster Passion House Coffee! This blend is smooth and full-bodied; perfect for drinking all day! Tasting Notes: Hi: candied grapefruit, hint of floral Mid: raisin, roasted almonds Lo: dark chocolate, caramel

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12oz Chicago House Blend

Named after our love for house music and for the great city where we grew up and live. This coffee is funky, fresh, and will make you move. It is well balanced with a nice body, citrus flavors and rounds out at the end. Tasting Notes: Hi: citrus zest, aromatic Mid: roasted almonds, wildflower honey Lo: milk chocolate, caramel

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12oz Bassline Espresso Blend

Here is an espresso for those who crave chocolate, nuts and a heavier body. We still put our little twist on espresso but have toned down the fruit and floral qualities we are known for. This espresso is a pretty perfect partner for milk. Tasting Notes: Hi: candied citrus, hint of floral Mid: roasted almonds, roasted pecans Lo: milk chocolate, dark chocolate

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