Prescott Coffee Roasters

I will provide fresh roasted beans from only the best coffees available. Respecting the bean with the appropriate roast!

Our Best Selling Items

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Fair Trade, Organic Rich's Brew

Certified Fair Trade and Organic Rich's Brew, a smooth but interesting blend of coffees from all over the world - Africa, Indonesia, and others. The coffee is supplied in heat sealed 16oz bags as whole bean. Note that this is 1.33x as much as a 12oz bag and 1.60 x as a 10oz bag. Enough for two people to enjoy over a week which is perfect timing to use up the coffee. Roasted on demand, always available.

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Fair Trade, Organic Decaf Blend

Certified Fair Trade and Organic Decaf Blend- 16oz of fresh, roast dated coffee supplied in a heat sealed bag. This is a solid decaf blend that makes a great espresso drink or decaf cup to have with dessert. The beans in the blend are water processed decaf.

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