Pretty Thai

Pretty Thai™, Made By Chefs, Not By A Lab, is the creative brainchild of Kristen and Robert Strong, trained Chefs who met while attending Culinary School in Austin, TX. Kristen and Robert fell in love while creating what is now Pretty Thai™ Specialty Sauces and Spices. Kristen is passionate about healthy, sustainable food options and holds a Degree in Nutrition from Texas A&M University. Robert is a former Air Force Staff Sergeant and Civilian Intelligence Analyst with two tours to Iraq. Robert and Kristen are persons of great integrity and pride in what they do, never compromising on quality, they bring you Pretty Thai™ with the sole mission to provide all-natural, flavorful, and unique sauces and spices, combined with unique recipes to get people cooking more at home together. Cooking is about Companionship!

Our Best Selling Items

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Sweet Chili Sauce

Net Wt. 16 oz bottle of Sweet Chili Sauce - simple ingredients and traditional cooking techniques result in the most authentic and all-natural Sweet Chili Sauce. The balanced flavors of sweet, salty, garlicky and spicy come from the proper balance of ingredients and proper cooking techniques. This sauce can be used for stir fry, salads, dipping, and so much more...

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Lemongrass-Lime Dressing

Net Wt. 13 oz bottle of Lemongrass-Lime Dressing - traditional ingredients, balanced, bold, yet light and healthy, this dressing is not your traditional salad dressing, but rather an amazing all-purpose cooking dressing, marinade, soup base, stir fry sauce, and all around versatile dressing for sautéing fresh vegetables or making a delicious guacamole. The possibilities are endless with this light and healthy Thai dressing.

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Green Curry Powder

Net Wt. 1.83 oz bottle of Green Curry Powder - Simple, Consistent, and Authentic are three words that best describe Pretty Thai™ Green Curry Powder. Use our powder by itself to season any cut of meat or seafood, sprinkle it on vegetables, or make a delicious Thai green curry sauce and use it to braise pork, make a delicious pasta sauce, potato salad, burger, tacos, or an Authentic and Savory Thai Green Curry. We use fresh spices, grinding our spices and perfectly blending them for a consistent green curry.

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