We aim to inspire kids to grow one billion wildflowers to bring back the bees and ensure a sustainable food system for their future.

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Wildflower Seedles - 20 Pack

Easily fill your yard with color! Imagine your backyard filled with wildflowers, bees buzzing in and out, butterflies stopping by to enjoy the abundance of colors. Seedles make this possible. Each Seedle contains a variety of different wildflowers that are native to the region you live in (see species list below). All seeds are native and non-gmo. This traditional method for sowing valuable seeds in balls of clay protects seeds from hungry birds and increases your flowers' success. It's a carefree gift for a lazy gardener, or a fun way to green your brown thumb. Use seedles to seed bomb a nearby vacant patch, or brighten your garden box or indoor pots. They make growing wildflowers and helping bring back the bees easy peasy pumpkin pie.

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