Tater Tats

Our aim at Tater Tats is to encourage healthy, seasonal eating. We give back 10% of total sales to farmers who are changing the world from the ground up, growing vegetables that help make us healthier.

Our Best Selling Items

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Tater Tats: Fall Pack

Four lovely fall tattoos! Hearty, strong, and bold veggies, commemorate a great season of growing and eating! Includes Four Tattoos, Beet, Leek, Pumpkin & Broccoli

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Veg Out Patch

Iron on Veg Out patch to dress up your hats, jackets and bags! A good patch to live by. Patch Measures 1.25 x 3.5 inches

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Veggie Notebook

A 5x7 Veggie Journal for all your field notes... love notes, recipes, hopes & dreams. Keep it real, foodies.

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