Temple Coffee Roasters Inc.

Temple is a quality-focused retail and wholesale purveyor in Sacramento, California. We strive to be a leader in coffee excellence, provide exemplary customer service, educate, and support our community whether it is in Sacramento or Kenya. Temple strives to mold itself into a fiscally, socially, and environmentally sustainable company. We believe that customer service is key, that our café patrons allow us to be coffee-geeks, and our wholesale customers help us spread our coffee-collective.

Our Best Selling Items

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Temple Coffee 3 Pillars blend

TASTING NOTES BODY: LINGERING FLAVOR: CRISP, HERBACEOUS, MORNING COFFEE FINISH: ORANGE ZEST, CLEAN. STORY: Our House Blend is crafted to please the coffee lover in us all. Based on our Brazil Terra Castello with acidity, and body from our Ethiopia Burka Gudina Estate and Costa Rica Sonora Estate this blend gives crisp, clean flavors perfect for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner coffee break. Enjoy it hot or cold, with or without cream and sugar. We have made this 12oz bag to please everyone.

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Temple Coffee Dharma Espresso Blend

A perfect option for dark roast lovers and espresso enthusiasts! 12 oz bag. TASTING NOTES BODY: RICH, MULLING SPICES FLAVOR: CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES, DARK CARAMEL, CITRIC FINISH: SILKY, CLASSIC. STORY: Dharma espresso is crafted to be a great sipping espresso and to also create a cup of chocolaty goodness when combined with milk. It is roasted and blended with some of our most exclusive Farm-To-Cup coffees because we feel that a coffee should not only feed the palate, but also the soul. Currently, Dharma Espresso consists of: Brazil Terra Castello, Ethiopia Sidamo Limmu, and Costa Rica Sonora Estate Red Catuai Honey. You may recognize some of these coffees for their high rating on Coffeereview.com and wonder why we are blending them. The truth is, we just want to create the best possible coffee we can. ESPRESSO PARAMETERS 200 degree water, 22g dry, 28 sec, 30g wet

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Temple Coffee Decaffeinated Colombia Narino

TASTING NOTES BODY: FUDGE FLAVOR: MILK CHOCOLATE, LIGHT CITRUS, CHERRY FINISH: INTENSELY SWEET. STORY: It’s not often that we have the opportunity to bring a new process to our already delicious decaffeinated coffee line-up. Here we have our first Mountain Water Process decaffeinated coffee offering from Descamex. The MWP works in a number of steps: first they soak the green coffee in vats of pure water which softens the outer layers allowing the next stage to pull the caffeine as well as a decent amount of the organic material out of the coffee. The caffeine is then scooped from the mixture and the green coffee extract is reintroduced to the green coffee, bringing the flavor and body back into the coffee. We are left with a chemical free decaffeinated coffee that tastes as good as their caffeinated counterparts.

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