Thanksgiving Coffee Company

Joan and Paul Katzeff established Thanksgiving Coffee Company in 1972, developing a unique style of craftsmanship-coffee roasting in Fort Bragg’s Noyo Harbor on the beautiful Mendocino coast. We roast amazing single origin coffees, complex blends and stunning espressos. As 2017's Roaster of the Year, we’re proud to bring the world’s finest coffees from the farm to your cup. Coffee connects us with people and places around the world. It has a profound impact on the communities that grow and process it. We are committed to ethical trading & sustainable farming in our work around the world, and to developing our local community here at home.

Our Best Selling Items

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Save the Wolves Coffee

Since 1947, Defenders of Wildlife has pioneered efforts to save the wild animals that make this country so unique and diverse. We partnered with Defenders to support their efforts in protecting the majestic wolves of our nation. Help us help them through our dark roast Save Our Wolves Coffee. The Save Our Wolves dark roast is our Mendocino Vienna. Named for our county of Mendocino, where salmon streams and redwood forests meet the Pacific ocean- and Vienna, Austria, where deep dark roasts accompany incredible desserts in the famous Viennese coffee houses where revolutions were plotted, planned and organized with coffee as their fuel. Vienna roast is more brown than black, with not even a hint of smokiness nor the taste of charcoal. It has an oily surface, full body, and a savory mouthfeel.

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