The Brinery

The Brinery is a business founded on the necessity of preservation. As the business continues to grow, still David and the Brinery team maintain their early values: a commitment to lactobacillus as a direct path to digestive enlightenment and great health, an infatuation with Michigan farmers and the heartbeats of their fields, and a meaningful zeal for the creative and original.

Our Best Selling Items

Display seasonal sauerkraut

Seasonal Sauerkraut

Seasonal Sauerkraut made with fresh, local ingredients. Currently, it's carrots and parsnips from Second Spring Organic Farm, located on the Leelanau peninsula, with green cabbage from Providence Organic Farm in Central Lake, Michigan.

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Hot Sauce

Made with 5 kinds of peppers! Red Jalepeno, Serrano, Cayenne, Hungarian, Cherry Bomb

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