The Produce Box

The Produce Box’s mission is to help you feel good about the food you eat and make an impact for local farmers across North Carolina! We bring the farmers market straight to your door. The Produce Box offers farm fresh fruits and veggies, along with local meats, breads, and cheese, too. Joining The Produce Box in supporting more than 70 local farmers and being a part of improving your community and local food system.

Our Best Selling Items

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A Small Produce Box

A colorful mix of 4-6 seasonal, fruits and veggies, picked fresh by The Produce Box farm partners. Perfect for smaller households and appetites. Just enough for a delicious week!

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A Fresh Fruit Box

Sweet and delicious seasonal fruits from The Produce Box farm partners! Depending on the time of year, this box may include multiples of one, two or four fruits. A sweet treat for you to snack on.

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A Large Produce Box

This box usually includes 5-8 different varieties of fruits and veggies, perfect for a family of four. Eat the rainbow with these colorful sections. Picked fresh by the The Produce Box farm partners!

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