Undone Chocolate

Undone Chocolate is DC's first bean to bar craft chocolate maker. We handcraft organic dark chocolate from cocoa beans sourced directly from small producers in Central and South America and the Caribbean. In doing so, we support local economies and sustainable organic farming practices. From roasting and grinding to tempering and molding, our entire chocolate making process happens locally in NE, Washington DC. Fun Fact: Two squares of Undone Chocolate has more antioxidants than a glass of red wine, handful of blueberries or a cup of green tea.

Our Best Selling Items

Display single origin dark chocolate bar

Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar - Dominican Republic: 72% cocao

Undone Chocolate has unique opportunities to obtain rare beans from small producers. Each batch has a unique flavor profile that is specially crafted to highlight tasting notes specific to each region, similar to winemaking. Dominican Republic: 72% Cacao, Oko Caribe Flavor Notes: Deep chocolate, bright citrus Ingredients: farm direct cacao, organic cane sugar

Display cardamom  cinnamon and chili dark chocolate bar 2

Cardamom, Cinnamon and Chili Dark Chocolate Bar

Spiced with the perfect of balance of cardamom, cinnamon and chili pepper; fragrant and aromatic upfront with a bit of heat at the finish.

Display pink himalayan salt dark chocolate bar

Pink Himalayan Salt Dark Chocolate Bar

Hand sprinkled pink Himalayan salt enhances the robust flavors of the cacao and rounds out the taste experience. This salt is also rich in trace minerals.

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