Windmill Gardens Supplied by DeGoede Brothers

Family owned and operated since 1968, the philosophy of Windmill Gardens & DeGoede Brothers has always been "customer service and satisfaction." We grow the highest quality plants and ship only the best. We are proud of our close relationship with our customers, and we strive to offer the best service possible.

Our Best Selling Items

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*6" Red Poinsettia

Not your average supermarket poinsettia, these florist-quality plants feature 5+ blooms in a 6-inch pot - pot cover included. Locally grown by DeGoede Brothers, Washington's premier greenhouse grower.

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6" Potted Tulip - Easter/Spring

Locally grown, direct from the nursery to you. Our beautiful 6" Potted Tulips are a must for Spring color and/or to celebrate the Easter holiday! The bulbs are sourced directly from Holland and grown locally in the Sumner valley. Each pot contains 5 bulbs and is wrapped with a beautiful pot wrap. These are shipped in a variety of colors - no specific color selection accepted. Colors should include yellow, purple, pink, orange and bicolors.

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8" Watch Me Bloom Planter

Our Watch Me Bloom Planters are one of our more popular items. They are locally grown in the Sumner Valley and all bulbs are sourced from Holland. The pot is planted with layers of bulbs which include Tulips, Tete A Tete and Muscari. They are designed to flower for up to 30 days if placed in an outdoor location and will bloom again year after year if stored correctly.

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